association management

Emerald Management & Consulting is your association’s customizable option for full-service community management. We provide a comprehensive package tailored to your association needs.

financial services

Using web-based association management and accounting systems, Emerald Management & Consulting offers convenient and transparent financial information access.

large scale project and insurance claim administration

When your community is engaged in large scale projects or in need of assistance with an insurance claim, we partner our Project Administration team with you to navigate the ins and outs of these complicated processes.

About Us

Emerald Management & Consulting is a full-service association management company. We are dedicated to providing transparent and comprehensive management, accounting, and administration services to all types of communities.


Board Member

After being an HOA President for 10 years and working with different mgt companies, our property was never in better hands than with Emerald. All of their processes and focus are about protecting and serving our community. They have an exquisite attention to detail and they can be creative on coming up with ideas that saved us lots of money over the years.


Board Member

Emerald Management and Consulting has been managing our HOA for 5 months now and have done a great job. We've had staff turnover and they helped us with the search and hiring of new employees. We had a major problem with an elevator and they were a big help there as well. The have been responsive and very helpful.


Board Member

Your quick and perfect response to the owner’s email laden with questions only hours before our budget meeting showed just how responsive and caring you are. When I saw Lisa sitting down with the owner, going over the points, I saw the owner becoming our champion, no longer our adversary. Kudos to Lisa and team for carrying is through a challenging moment.