Tailored Community Association Management Services

Emerald Management & Consulting provides agreements built for your community's needs:

We provide comprehensive association management for communities in the greater Puget Sound Area.

  • We assist the board in enforcing the governing documents, as instructed by the board of directors
  • Maintain an annual calendar, including planned maintenance and administrative tasks
  • Act as a liaison for a reserve study to make sure major building components are maintained or replaced
  • Maintain a list of homeowner and resident contact information, as provided by the association members
  • Communicate and provide customer services to each homeowner seeking documentation or asking questions regarding the governance of your association
  • And much more.

Financial services are included in each full-service agreement.  Emerald Management & Consulting also offers additional accounting services to all clients with more complex accounting needs, including assistance with bank loans, reconciliations, departmental accounting, and special assessments or supplemental budgets.

Owners utilize the web-based web portal to:

    • View payment history
    • Make online payments
    • Update their personal information

Board Members utilize the web portal to:

  • View financial statements and up to the minute bank information
  • Approve invoices for payment
  • Review and approve various community communication and requests

Do you need assistance with construction projects? We advise you through various processes such as construction defect remediation, deferred maintenance repairs, and other building improvement and renovation projects. Emerald Management & Consulting is here to help guide you through the process while ensuring the regular day – to – day operations of your association remain uninterrupted.

If you’re looking for supplemental funding for community projects Emerald Management & Consulting assists in determining the best course of action for your association.

Expedite your insurance claims through our relationships with insurance and repair professionals, easing what can be a stressful time of loss to your owners.


Board Member

" Before Emerald was hired as our management firm, I was never sure about [our] finances because information on our finances were not available to us or clearly defined. Since Emerald has become our property manager, Heather has set up an accounting system which is transparent. We receive a notice when funds are pulled each month to pay our assessments, and, what I appreciate the most, is the information she provides the Board every month. Every detail to our financial operation is provided to us every month from budget, balance sheets, profit and loss, bills, copies of checks, etc. Every year [our] audit verifies that our financial situation is well documented and that we meet accounting standards. "

Emerald Management & Consulting is Here to Help with Your Community Association and Property Needs

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